"Volunteer Opportunities"

There comes a time when people say you have to put your money where your mouth is. That time has come for the sunshine patriots who see the problem, worry where it will lead, but are fearful of getting involved. If we all pull together we can do amazing things. So, let's get started. If you would like to volunteer for one of these jobs, just let me know.

1. NEW YORK STATE GOVERNANCE--Follow legislation and describe how it would affect upstate NY.
                                                                       Follow how our representatives voted on these issues, and why.
                                                                       Write letters of appreciation and dissent if necessary.

2. MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS/LETTER WRITING--Writing letters to the Editor's on subjects or in                                                                                        response to articles in the press. Notifying the press of                
                                                                       upcoming meetings and events.

3. SITE FINDERS/LOCAL PARTICIPATION--Find locations to hold rallies, participation in parades, or
                                                                        Field day events.

4. LOCAL GOVERNANCE--Follow issues pertaining to local area politics. Attend council meetings,
                                                                        discover who is up for election, who is running, what they stand
                                                                        for. Follow the more liberal members, so that we can express
                                                                        our concerns.

5. LOCAL AND STATE WIDE SCHOOL ISSUES--Attend school board meeting. Follow there decisions,
                                                                         and locate people willing to run for school boards.

6. EDUCATION--Volunteer to give a talk on a subject of interest. Find speakers to speak to the group
                                                                          about local or national concerns, historical events. etc.

7. PRAYER GROUPS--Willing to meet together for prayer.